Who we are

Our story

Since the company’s founding in 1978, Tecmec designs and produces dispensing and mixing systems for paint manufacturers and users.

Thanks to the talent and to the business abilities of its founder, Carlo Desinano, Tecmec has become a leader in the world of Car-Refinish, working with the most important companies all around the world and gradually extending its product range in the industrial, wood and building paints markets.

Tecmec has its headquarters in Albairate (near Milan, Italy) in a complex of 6600 covered square meters occupied by production departments, warehouse and offices, over a total area of 15000 sqm.

In 1988 Laura Desinano, Carlo Desinano’s daughter, joins the company and actually is the Managing Director of Tecmec.
In that same year, the Spanish branch of TECMEC IBERICA was inaugurated, near Barcelona, while 10 years later in 1998, the Argentine branch TECMEC SUDAMERICA in the province of Santa Fe.
Tecmec delivers its goods all over the world. The high-quality of our products, of the production processes and of our services distinguish our company since 40 years.

Our strengths

Our way of working gives us the possibility of being highly flexible and reactive towards our customer’s expectations.
Competence, know-how and knowledge acquired in 40 years allow us to develop personalized projects able to satisfy all the requests and the needs of our customers.

One of the most important thing for us is to create a true relationship with customers, suppliers and colleagues as the basis of strong, proactive and efficient working connections.

We believe that these relationships can motivate and inspire people in having new ideas that bring to discover new products in continuous improvement and renovation.

Entrepreneurial spirit and managerial skills are indispensable for developing a long-term vision.
Knowledge of people who work in Tecmec from a long time together with the enthusiasm brought by the newly arrived make our work dynamic and reactive.
Tecmec is a company you can rely on, a serious and meticulous partner to work with.
We can create many projects together!


To celebrate our 40 years we want to give us and to give you this new website!
let me thank all the customers who worked with Tecmec in the past years, to those who will continue and to the ones who will come and make new experiences together with us!




TECMEC obtained the following certification, confirming the quality policy of the Company: