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TECMEC, with more than 40 years of experience and technical expertise in the production of paint dosing and mixing systems, will improve the quality standard of your products in terms of precision, characteristics and colour retention.

The main advantages for the wood industry

  • Standard and customisable solutions with variable modularity in configurations to meet any budget or space requirements.

  • Quick and easy installation compared to other brands’ products, saving time and money for the entire sales chain.

  • Fast delivery times throughout Europe and dedicated telephone technical support.

  • Best value for money on the market.

Always committed to our customers, we can offer everything from catalogue mixing solutions to fully customised projects.

In fact, thanks to our entirely Italian in-house production line, which designs and develops high quality and precision dosing and mixing technology, we are able to meet even the most particular demands.

Through paint manufacturers, distributors and specialised paint shops, we offer the wood painting world reliability and flexibility in supplying our paint metering and mixing products, which are adapted to specific needs and processes.

Industry products

Selected products for the wood industry

Pouring Spout

Lids Dispenser

FEATURES TECMEC’s dosing lids and caps are intended for those ...
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Dosing lids Industry

FEATURES Designed for the industry sector, the covers consist of ...
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Mixing Machine

Products Paint storage systems with stirring mechanism Sirio XL Learn ...
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Coperchio Su Barattolo Dettaglio


Products Accessory benches to support the production process. Dosatori per ...
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Products Systems for the storage of paints, without agitation, with ...
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Workbench 1


Products Accessory benches to support the production process. Banco da ...
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