DB Tool is the new software developed by TECMEC for the dosing of coloring formulas and it is available in two versions:

  • For the automatic dispenser, where it allows the complete management of the machine in a simple and fast way, and the saving of customized formulas.
  • For manual dosing, where it checks the dosage through a scale and allows the recalculation of the formula in case of error, and the saving of customized formulas.

The software can receive formulas from most of the database software actually on the market. Moreover it is possible to import the entire database so that it is not necessary to use a second external software (in development).

System requirements

  • Free space 20MB (excluding any additional software as the database).
  • Minimum resolution 1024x768.
  • n°3 serial ports RS-232 or USB (for dispenser, scale and spectrophotometer).
  • CD/DVD player.
  • Operating system Windows XP o later.
  • NET framework 4.0.
  • Office libraries for managing Excel and Access files.
  • USB/RS-232 Adapter drivers.