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Mixing and dispensing systems for construction paints

TECMEC, with more than 40 years of experience and technical expertise in the production of paint dosing and mixing systems, will improve the quality standard of your projects in terms of flexibility, characteristics and colour retention.

Always committed to our customers, we can offer everything from catalogue dosing solutions to fully customised projects for the most demanding paint manufacturers.
In fact, thanks to our entirely Italian in-house production line, which designs and develops high quality and precision dosing and mixing technology, we are able to meet even the most particular demands.

We dedicate to the building and paint industry reliability and flexibility in supplying our paint metering and mixing products, which are suitable for many applications.

The main advantages for the construction industry:

  • Solutions with customisable configurations, accurate and reliable automatic gravimetric or weight dosing systems that can meet the most particular situations where volumetric dosing commonly used today in construction would be approximate based on modern colour charts with increasingly complex RALs.
  • A line of shaking machines that can meet any budget and space requirement.
  • Full range of semi-automatic, automatic and ATEX-compatible gyroscopic mixers to fully meet the practical, regulatory and safety requirements of our customers.

Industry products

Selected products for the construction industry.

Tek Ttesta


DESCRIPTION TEK is the most flexible Dispenser for any dosing need, ...
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Mixing Machine

Products Paint storage systems with stirring mechanism Sirio XL Learn ...
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Coperchio Su Barattolo Dettaglio


Products Accessory benches to support the production process. Dosatori per ...
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Products Gyroscopic paint mixing systems. Saturno Mixer Automatico Learn more ...
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